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Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft (not seeing online but in stores NOW; similar here); Shorts: Madewell; Shoes: Madden Girl (similar here); Top: Unknown; Sunglasses: Prada

So the one thing I always forget when packing is a hairbrush. ALWAYS. So based off these pictures, you can guess that I indeed forgot my hairbrush when I flew down to LA. I think I said last week, “messy hair, dont care,” and to a degree, that is true. I wish I could pull off the Mary-Kate and Ashley intentional messy hair look, but having stick straight hair, it usually ends up laying neatly on my head. So when the wind was whipping my hair around, all I could think was, “volume!” But nope. Just messy. Anyways, back to my hair. Oh yeah, in case you have forgotten, I am still talking about myself (I hope you can sense my level of sarcasm here).

So on to the next subject, curls. Does anyone have any tips or ticks on how to curl stick straight, heavy hair? I am inept with a curling iron, so while I was home I tried sleeping in the soft curlers I used when I was in elementary school. I slept in them, with the hopes of waking up with fabulously curly hair. Instead, I sat working at my computer, losing track of time, hearing the doorbell ring and running to answer the door. Completely forgetting I still had the 1950s era curlers in my hair. The Sears guy delivering my parents new dryer tried to keep a straight face. He failed. I was beyond embarrassed when I remembered what I looked like. My brother did not mince words. I wish I had a picture for you.


LocationLOCATION: Los Angeles

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