{Feathers + Denim}








Jeans: Gap; Top: Anthropologie; Hat; Anthropologie; Shoes: Charles David (similar here); Sunglasses: Amazon

Some of my favorite memories growing up are shopping with my mom. We would spend hours bouncing around from antique shop to antique shop looking at everything. Even as a toddler, my mom said she could meander down the aisles and I would just look and never bother anything. Until that one fateful day, when I got distracted by the hat rack at Macy’s. I remember being about five, wandering away from my mom and finding all these gorgeous floppy hats, and naturally, I just had to try them all on. My mom was so worried when she did not see me. I was not far, I was just trying hats on, and admiring myself in the mirror. So me and hats, we have had a long standing love affair.


LocationLOCATION: San Diego

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