– fall fashion picks –

fall nuetrals


Fall is just around the corner ladies! Although I’m usually all about bold colors, Fall is the season I get settled into a more neutral wardrobe. This blustery season I am all about casual shapes and fabrics in hues of grey, blush and cremes.

And black. There will always, always be black.

If I were cruelly forced to pick a favorite season (it’s so hard to choose, amiright?), Fall would be it. Why? A. I love (and own almost too many) jackets and scarves, B. Fall holidays absolutely CRUSH any other season’s holidays, and C. Pumpkin pie. This Fall is especially exciting for us… my sister will be welcoming a new addition to her family! I’m gonna be an auntie ya’ll! Say it with me: Baby. Gap. Baby. Gap. Cannot wait.

What are your top picks for Fall? Make it a good one peeps!

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