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Earlier in the month, I attended a casual meetup for bloggers in San Francisco called Blog Party. This event was truly one of the first times I have thought of myself as a “blogger.” So far, Ginger Side of Life has been an intense hobby and anyone who knows me, knows, I do intense well. I have quickly learned the basics of wordpress, photoshop, a camera (yep, I can take so-so pictures on manual now!), basic CSS and PHP coding and social media (I am still trying to figure out twitter…I know, kinda sad) but really, it has been such a social project roping in all my friends willing to teach me and the blog really could not be here without the help of both mine and Jess’s friends (Quinn, Caitlin, Ryan, Mina, Ben, Ellen, Shannon, Brendan, Dani, Mom, Dad- THANK YOU).The blog has always been about learning for me and it was so fun to be in a room with people who have had similar experiences (fixing something on the blog at midnight and having a collective HOORAY, I am talking to you Caitlin!). Blog Party was the perfect entry into the blogging world and I am so grateful that Carla, from Alyssa and Carla, invited me to join her!

Photos by Simone Anne of We Are Adventure.us

-Chelsea, who will continue to wear intense well

LocationLOCATION: San Francisco

  1. Chelsea, I love your blog and look forward to the weekly emails! Your look and ideas are inspiring and I’m so happy that you are doing something you enjoy…keep the fashion coming! Love, Annalisa

    • Yes! It was so nice meeting you and I have loved following you on instagram :) and totally agree, lets keep in touch! -Chelsea

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