– but first, let me take a #selfie –








Dress: Zara (similar here); Jacket: Zara (old, similar here); Shoes: ZigiSoHo; Bag: Kate Spade; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

The selfie. When the craze first hit, I was quick to judge selfies as a way for people to parade their narcissism on social media. But one day curiosity got the best of me and I gave into the selfie on my Instagram account (yep, that’s how exciting my life is). At first I was self-conscious about publicly posting my little iPhone portrait but the more I thought about it, the more I realized there’s really nothing to be worried about. Everyday we do and say things that illicite judgement; whether it’s a selfie or a political statement or even your shoe choice, we’re constantly being judged by the people around us. How we choose to react (or not react) to these judgements is what really matters. If you feel like posting a selfie, I say by all means, post away! It’s about being confident in your decisions and yourself. You can’t always make everyone happy… the key is to always be happy with your self(ie).


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