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My favorite part of the smart phone era has been the ability to capture a moment at the click of a button. Since my first cell phone in the 6th grade, I have had a total of 4 phones. My first phone, a flip phone (because obvi that was a must), was bedazzled with pink crystals. LOVED that phone. My next phone, which lasted from my  sophomore year in high school through my junior year in college was my Razor. OH my razor. That phone was the most durable piece of technology I have ever owned. My next phone was blah, I think it was called the Chocolate or something, and I had that phone through my first year in SF. I was lost all the time since I still did not have a smart phone or GPS. I would call my dad, “Dad, can you google map me to where I need to go?” After a a year of those calls, I entered the digital age and got an iPhone. Life has never been the same. So here are a few photos I captured around SF, Oakland and Chicago.


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